Now Hiring

Spelledeg's Now Hiring added to the lineup!



A caustic crime lord with old debts, and a vagrant immigrant who seeks agency in his life meet at the crossroads of danger and opportunity.


A pseudo-noir dramatic thriller with aliens.


[PG-14+] depicts heavy violence, drug and sexual references, drug use, harsh language and really bad '80s fashion


Updates in chunks, semi-irregular

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Welcome to the Saturday Night Syndicate!

Welcome to the Saturday Night Syndicate!

The Syndicate is:

The Wiseguys (Active Members)

Kings Club

Kings Club: A Mafioso princess must defend her family's turf by bringing on some real, real bad men.

Bruno Harm: What do tough guys do on Sunday morning? Check the paper for their exploits.

Now Hiring: Blood Money never looked so good.

Autumn Bay: The city where the witching hour lasts all night long!


Out of Towners (featured comics):

Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter
Alvery Nerveaux's Secret Case Files
Alvery Nerveaux's Secret Case Files

Awfully Decent Fellows

Deak Sledge

Deak Sledge

Hot Metal Miami


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Updated Fixin's

Howdy all--going to make some improvements to this site.

For One, here's an updated banner:

and here's the half banner, for CF signature lines:

both should be configured to link back to this page.

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